Monday, February 10, 2020

Dollar Tree Case Vs. Gerber Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Dollar Tree Case Vs. Gerber Case - Essay Example The Gerber study clearly sets out at the outset the triggering factor that has propelled the Company to consider its options in poor countries. This triggering incident is the negative impression it has gained by refusing to comply with Venezuelan laws on the marketing of baby foods. The motivation of the Company in targeting bottom-of-the-pyramid customers in Chad is to successfully market its products in a difficult country and thereby prove its mettle and negate the unfavorable impression that currently exists. The motivation for Dollar Tree’s strategy to market its products in Haiti is not established at the outset, neither is it clearly set out during the course of the narrative. A triggering event is not clearly set out, although there is mention in the study of political instability in the country coupled with the spiraling prices that also provide scope for marketing of low cost products to customers in Haiti. The structure of the study could have been improved by pointing to a clear triggering event, for example the recent global recession, which has been pushing prices upwards. This could have been supplemented with the figures on recent sales. For example, Dollar Tree’s third quarter sales have increased by 11.6% from $997.8 in the last year’s fiscal third quarter to $1.11 billion this year. ( By focusing upon these acts and figures and illustrating them graphically, an analysis should have then been provided as to potential reasons to explain such a jump in sales during a time where a recession may well be developing in the United States. It appears very likely that the jump in sales is the shift in consumer buying from higher priced outlets to Dollar Tree’s products, all of which sell at a dollar each. This is the unique selling point of Dollar Tree, which should have been capitalized upon in the study, to

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